The Ultimate Digital Bradley Smoker Product Review

The Ultimate Digital Bradley Smoker Product Review

Posted on: October 04, 2023

If there is one thing that all master chefs around the world agree with, is that the Digital Bradley Smoker takes food smoking to the next level.

If there is one thing that all master chefs around the world agree with, is that the Digital Bradley Smoker takes food smoking to the next level.

From smoking meats, fish, briskets, poultry to fruits and vegetables, the Bradley smoker does it all and is safely crowned as the number one choice for food smoking at home.

11 Unique Features That Make Bradley Smokers Stand Out

The Bradley digital smokers come with a sleek design that fits your home backyard perfectly. It includes all features of Bradley’s original electric smoker with the best digital technology.

Here we will show you all of Bradley smoker features that you’re looking for to get delicious results without the hassle of babysitting the smoker.

1. CleanSmoke Technology

As the name suggests, “clean smoke” is one of the best features of the Bradley smoker that sets our brand apart from our competitors.

It ensures that the Bradley bisquettes you are using for food smoking does not turn to ash. This means you’re able to prepare foods with pure smoke. This is important because when regular wood chips turn to ash they release chemicals that give your smoked meat a bitter taste. Thanks to CleanSmoke Technology, your meat will have an appealing aroma, and smoke taste.

2. Ideal For Hot And Cool Smoking

The control board on the Bradley smokers comes with beautiful features that will help you achieve your desired result in no time. Now you are able to have the smoke generator heat and oven heat controlled separately, perfect for your hot or cold smoked recipes.

3. Effortless Smoke Generation

Bradley smokers come with smoke generators (also called the smoke powerhouse) specifically designed to make your homemade food smoking project effortless.

4. Automatic Bisquette Advancement

Bradley produces smoking bisquettes from pure hardwood that when put in smokers burn for a precise time and then extinguish before turning to ashes.

These Bradley Bisquettes help you create consistent smoke within the smoker and these bisquettes comes in unique flavors to give your food a fantastic taste and aroma.

Bradley’s uniquely designed smokers automatically allow new bisquettes to move onto the plate. After every 20 minutes, the old one extinguishes into a water bowl. This means there’s no need to refill wood again and again. Other smokers require you to constantly monitor the amount of wood chips for hours to maintain the right temperature and amount of smoke.

5. Automatic Temperature Control

With Bradley smokers, you can easily set the desired temperature, allowing it to maintain constant heat according to the set temperature. You can easily adjust the temperature and smoke time.

6. Available In 4 and 6-Rack (Enjoy Massive Space)

The Bradley Digital smokers are available in 4-rack and 6-racks. The 6-rack smoker is ideal if you plan on smoking a large amount of meat or for a big group of people. You’ll get 780 square inches of smoking space, which can perfectly accommodate all meat or other smoked food all in one go.

7. Stainless Steel interior

Bradley’s digital smokers’ body is made up of professional-grade durable stainless steel, which is entirely insulated and super easy to clean.

8. Heavy-Duty Magnetic Door

All smokers feature a heavy-duty tightly sealed magnetic door that traps in heat perfectly. Controlled heat means all your food is cooked evenly and more consistent airflow for a better smoke.

9. Weather-Resistant Smoker Covers

Finally, Bradley smokers have high-quality smoker covers that are sold separately, which allow you to safely store your smoker after every use and protect it from bad weather conditions, dirt, and debris.

These covers are made to last and are available in two sizes for the 4-rack and 6-rack. After all, you should make sure to protect your Bradley smokers.

Also, the cold smoke adaptor can be found here.

Don’t take our word for it, what P10 owners have to say

Greg U. – Canada

July 2020 – 5 Stars

This smoker is easy to use and does an amazing job. I just finished my first batch of jerky and it turned out amazingly. Definitely worth the money and very easy to use. Thanks Bradley for an amazing product.

Robert M. – USA

October 2020 – Five Stars

Amazingly simple & effective workflow. I’ve smoked for years the hard way: chips & chunks, smokers with poor temp control, overpriced iron, badly engineered drip pans. The Bradley is designed for cooks: simple, clean, fast and easy to tune for delicate meats. I’m never going back. Also, I’m from West Texas where we have real mesquite. The mesquite pucks are excellent. Amazing.

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Final Thoughts

Bradley is a brand known for its impressive line of smokers that come with the most important features for deliciously consistent results. All Bradley smokers are easy to use, smoke food perfectly every time, and are built to last.

You can choose from various smokers’ models (four-rack or six-rack). Both are perfect for feeding small or large groups of people.

For more great ideas on how to get the most of your Bradley Smoker, check out the awesome articles on our Bradley Smoker Food Smoking Blog for more tips & tricks. Here we’ll be sharing recipes along with Bradley Smoker tips and tricks to help you get delicious results from almost any cut of meat.